The Virtual Internship: Take Control of Your Future by Becoming an Open Source Developer
Subject:   Good Stuff...
Date:   2005-08-15 09:45:41
From:   ptwobrussell
Thanks for writing this up.

I'd often wondered what other people thought about "open source credentials" -- that is, whether or not a person can possibly circumvent some of the issues with good ole boys club (politics) in getting hired by a big company by jumping into an OSS project and acquiring some extra credentials.

I guess working on an OSS project also demonstrates some level of ambition, the ability to communicate and play well with others, the gamut of software engineering skills, the ability to actually produce working software, and so forth. In my mind, these things would all be nice feathers to have in your hat when marketing yourself to a company, because they're key to any big project...but they're also essential skills you'd have to have if running your own consulting gig or developing your own small to medium sized projects.