The Changing Mac Community
Subject:   Changing OS in a Changing World
Date:   2002-04-01 05:48:55
From:   nik911sc
I happily migrated to Mac in 2000 before OS-X had even been released. It stood to reason then as it does now that Apple would successfully implement the new OS and change the 'game' of personal and business computing. The reality is that Mac OS X is as user friendly to a new user today as it was when the Macintosh was conceived. I applaud Apple and Steve for their bold strategy and predict a success story that will be studied by academics in years to come.

Finally, by virtue of the response that Apple has received in the media, its users and interested onlookers - its clear that OS X is the foundation of a very prosperus future for Apple. Ultimately, Apple has suceeded with OS X and the supporting hardware to create a brand that the others will find hard to out position. Whilst Microsoft sell software for computers and Dell and co make computers - the future is bright for Apple.