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Subject:   re: Rails
Date:   2005-08-17 07:17:43
From:   dogzilla
While I can understand why folks get excited over the Rails package, I've never been able to get very excited over the Ruby language itself. Personally, I much prefer PHP - I've never been one to hop onto the latest language bandwagon and PHP has been a solid performer for me for the last 5 years. So it's pretty much mandatory that I plug the Cake ( framework - all the Rails goodness without the Ruby bits sticking in your teeth.

I'd also like to make a suggestion for some article topics: I'd love to see an article covering the compiling our own Apache and PHP, especially how to get some of the more esoteric mods and DSOs running, and also an article covering using PHP as a scripting language on it's own, both as a cli language and wrapped in something like Pashua ( .

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