Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 2
Subject: doesn't work
Date:   2002-04-03 10:24:59
From:   scottmack
I don't see any mail in the Local account in It does work in the Terminal with the mail program.

I don't get any error messages about permissions, and I have read the posts about creating the UNIX:@ directory before creating the Local account.

Is there anything different in 10.1.3 (me) that could cause this?

A couple of other people have posted similar messages... has anyone come up with any ideas?


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  1. doesn't work
    2002-04-04 04:05:44  bioport [View]

    • doesn't work
      2002-04-13 06:31:01  sfn [View]

      • Fixed it!
        2002-04-18 06:50:40  bioport [View]

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