iBooks Love Linux
Subject:   iBook is good 'as is' but what about expandability?
Date:   2002-04-03 12:21:59
From:   Edd Dumbill
Response to: iBook is good 'as is' but what about expandability?

Thanks for the heads-up and your support experiences. I agree that expandability isn't its prime asset (is it for any laptop?), but neither is it a prime concern for me as I do not use the laptop as my main machine. I might add that I never had cause to go inside my old Dell laptop apart from to fit memory either. Linux has a way of extending the life of hardware...

I can't personally think of any way to fill the 30GB HD as it is, apart from video stuff, which I'd be tempted to buy an external Firewire HD for anyway.

Perhaps the best thing I can do is promise to come back and write a followup one year down the line...

-- Edd