Hack:   Turning Your Mac into a Hard Drive
Subject:   mount FW not working -- unix for partitions
Date:   2005-08-21 21:29:35
From:   burro
My iBook G4 933MHz drive crashed (made sounds I've never heard in 15 years of Mac use).

I cannot get it to mount with the DiskWarrior 3 boot disk or the TechTool 4 boot disk.

I have been trying to get it to mount on a PowerBook using target disk mode (TDM).

I can get the iBook to start up in TDM but it won't mount.

I've used "About This Mac" to determine the disk ID (Disk2 or Disk2s2 -- not sure which is right). I have used commands like:

mkdir /Volumes/iBook
and then
mount -t hfs -r /dev/disk2 /Volumes/iBook

No luck.

Here's the question. I am a unix know-nothing. My iBook had its drive partitioned into 4 segments (OSX OS9 Apps Work). Is there something special I have to do to get this drive to mount? If so, what will help?

Any help appreciated.

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