Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 4
Subject:   Configuration Problems: A possible solution
Date:   2002-04-03 23:07:28
From:   kwidholm
Some of you may be having configuration and make problems due simply to not working in the right directory. Mr. Stone's article does not mention this explicitly, but you MUST be doing your configuring, making, and installing from a directory which is owned and read/writable by you.

I was having problems with the configure and install, until I realized I was still working in the /usr/local/bin directory (I went there to check on what was in those directories, then used curl from the command line to get the source code right into the directory, and never returned to the desktop--the directory Mr. Stone's article assumed as a basis for the work in the article.

So, just as a subtle but important point: If you are having problems, make sure you are in a directory owned and read/writable by you.

Also, if you are having Stuffit Expander unpack the source code for you, make sure you have version 6.5 or later, as earlier versions sometimes messed up long file names in UNIX archives.