Weblog:   Utility to make USB flash drives bootable
Subject:   How make USB thumbdrive boot disk and Read\write to NTFS partition
Date:   2005-08-22 14:39:19
From:   rezak
First you need download couple utilities :
1. HP bootable flash utility:
2. NTFS for DOS:

Steps to make USB thumbdrive bootable and ability read\write to NTFS partition:

1. Format diskette using xp Select FAT as "file system" and check "create an MS-DOS Startup disk" under "format options"
2. Connect your USB thumbdrive to USB port on your computer
3. Using "HP USB Disk storage Tool" format your USB Drive select FAT as File system and check "create a DOS startup disk" option, "Using DOS system files located at:" the diskette created in step 1.
4. Change your bios to boot from USB first choice then verify that you can boot from your USB drive.
5. Using NTFS 4 DOS utility Click on "Create NTFS capable boot foloppy". Select the Drive letter correspond to your USB drive and click Next then Next on the following screen.
6. If successfull you end-up with Emergency bootable USB drive that can read\write to NTFS partition.