What Is ClamXav (and do Mac users really need antivirus)
Subject:   Then what?
Date:   2005-08-23 04:02:50
From:   miked378
I've just installed ClamXav, and all seems fine. I set up the Sentry to monitor my desktop, and then went to the test site to try out downloding the test files to the desktop -- and of course, Clamav found them.

In doing this, however, I wondered what I should do with files that Clam finds. In the article, you suggest AGAINST quarantining files, since that "can lead to unexpected movements of data." The documentation at the ClamXav site says, "What you do with them after [clam finds them] is entirely up to you!"

Should I simply trash it? In theory, in the case of an actual infected file, is there a chance that it would do some malicious act before I deleted it?

(And yes, I understand there are currently no OS X viruses, etc...)

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