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Subject:   RE: It's work (text area vrs text input)
Date:   2005-08-23 14:45:28
From:   derrick
Response to: It's work

Thanks for your help about where to turn on Spell Check :)

Here's the test... if you look at the source code, it appears that spell check does work in a "text area," field, but does not work in a "text input" box.

So if you're only testing this in a text area, it appears to be OK...

But, here's the rub. And this is the weirdest thing. When I cleared my Autofill list as mentioned by jfew, the spelling started working in the text area fields (which had previously stopped working).

As for bug reports. Yes I file them. But I like to make sure that it's really a bug and not operator error first.

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