Creating Toolbars for Mac OS X
Subject:   Customize menu item disabled
Date:   2002-04-05 18:41:52
From:   michele
Response to: Customize menu item disabled

Hello Zeus (my God!:-),

It's perfectly normal that the item is disabled in Interface Builder as the toolbar is not initialized.

In your code, in Controller.m, you have to set up the toolbar.

in awakeFromNib:

[self setUpToolbar];

and then add the following method in Controller.m:

- (void) setupToolbar
NSToolbar *toolbar = [[[NSToolbar alloc] initWithIdentifier: @"mainToolbar"] autorelease];
[toolbar setDelegate: self];
[toolbar setAllowsUserCustomization: YES];
[toolbar setAutosavesConfiguration: YES];
[mainWindow setToolbar: toolbar];

In controller.h , declare it:

- (void) setupToolbar;

And don't omit to implement the toolbar category.

Hope this helps you,

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