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  Distributed Tiger: Xgrid Comes of Age
Subject:   Broken example
Date:   2005-08-24 11:44:45
From:   IslandDan
It would be nice if this worked but it doesn't. Probsably the author has some thiongs setup that a stock instsall of 10.4.2 doesn't. Or perhaps Apple just doesn't have it together yet. The second command fails: xgrid -grid list just printing it's help.


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  1. Broken example
    2005-08-25 00:42:40  cparnot [View]

    • Broken example
      2005-08-25 00:50:16  drewmccormack [View]

      • Broken example
        2005-08-27 11:11:44  jfconway [View]

        • Broken example
          2005-08-27 11:30:15  drewmccormack [View]

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