JBoss: Sun Needs Us
Subject:   Big mouth, little facts
Date:   2002-04-07 12:25:12
From:   tom_1
Response to: Big mouth, little facts

> Read my further posts for information

You're not providing any, that's the problem.

> As I recall the price was $20,000.

As you recall?? Well, either put up an URL pointing to this information ($20k) or shut up. The JBoss Group has on several occasions mentioned the sum Sun requires is $500k. In JB1 last week they said they are willing to pay this today, but Sun refuses to return their calls (this information from the JBoss Group lawyer).

Your information seems very thin and definitely not what you hear from core developers in JBoss Group.

> If you, Tom, think that the owner of a license
> can't reclaim it from an OpenSource license,
> you're wrong. See Lutris.

You're fucking clueless, aren't you? For the third time, go read the LGPL license. Marc Fleury or JBoss Group does not own the code. The people who wrote the JBoss code own it.
> Try out Tomcat and Jetty together, see which
> 1) has better performance,
> 2) is easier to use and deploy on.
So you build and maintain the Tomcat integration then. Like I said, no one is stopping you. Oh... but you have "better things to do with your free time". Well in that case, shut the fuck up. If you don't give, you don't get.