Creating Toolbars for Mac OS X
Subject:   Customize menu item disabled
Date:   2002-04-07 12:33:53
From:   michele
Response to: Customize menu item disabled

Hello Jerome,

I put it at the very end of the awakeFromNib method.

Is your code compiling, or do you get the error on building?

Those errors normally are thrown when you attempt to get an object with null address: i.e. an object already released (either by you or the autorelease pool), an object that does not exist yet, ...

If the code compiles, you can try to put a breakpoint at the very beginning of the awakeFromNib method, or init method, and go through the debugger step by step, check as many object as you can, printing the description by control-clicking on the object in the debugger.

Another way is to put a new breakpoint and type directly -[NSException raise] so that the debugger breaks when an exception is raised, then you back trace.

Also you can set a new variable in executable part of the target:


Set it to YES. Then the debugger prints a message when you attempt to call an object already released.

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