Working with Roaming User Profiles
Subject:   Problems with roaming profiles
Date:   2005-08-26 09:27:12
From:   dnscode13
I'm having some different problems with roaming profiles. I have gone threw the steps and created a share on one of my servers for where the profiles are to be stored. From their I have copied in a plain test profile in its own shared folder. Now when I go into ad and put that path in the profile path: all is still working fine. But it is when I go to any new xp pro box and log onto the machine using that new user that it comes up with the profile, but the desktop looks almost like the windows classic mode, like the start button and all. When I researched it further and click on the toolbar, it is not windows classic mode, it looks like the setup and toolbar from windows server 2003. So that is my first problem. The second problem is that all my policies that I have that are residing in my ou that this new test profile user is using do not work now at all. I have a policy for a standard background, no ie,and some others and those are not appearing at all to work. When I log on as a different user in that same out without, a profile in the profile path all the policies work. I'm going crazy, and I need some major help. Thanks.