Ajax on Rails
Subject:   confused about ajax
Date:   2005-08-26 10:36:06
From:   rhubarbo
Isn't that a football team in Amsterdam? Or a floor cleaner?
Seriously though, I enjoyed this article but was confused by what seems to be a mismatch between what you describe AJAX to be, and your examples.

On the first page, with your example (in words that is - not in code) about adding an item to a list, you describe how the point of AJAX is to update the UI immediately in response to the user action (put an item in a list), then handle the communication of that action to the server in the background - asynchronously.

Then in all of the code examples - including the example where you actually add a value to a list - it seems that the client-side html is NOT updated until a trip has been made to the action handler function on the server.

What am I missing? Are those action handler's client side?
Who can set me straight?