New Promises That Come with .NET
Subject:   No BSD for .NET server
Date:   2002-04-09 05:23:51
From:   rmcodnough
Why I don't doubt that Microsoft has plans for .NET on other operating systems, I find that your making quite a stretch suggesting that MS may ship .NET Server with a BSD Kernel. No Way. For one, it already uses an updated NT/2000 Kernel. I don't know how you could have possibly dedcuted that MS would switch to BSD? If MS is considering a shipping a full-on implementation of .NET for the BSD platform, it will be shipped as an add-on to BSD and not a MS Branded BSD Distro. However, seeing .NET on Mac OS X would not be a big suprise at all. In fact, I'm heding bets that the next release of IE on the Mac will be based on .NET. It would also not suprise me to see MS ship .NET Development tools on Mac OS X as well.