Using Drools in Your Enterprise Java Application
Subject:   Some questions regarding DRools
Date:   2005-08-27 00:00:09
From:   Ronen
Hello Paul,

I enjoyed reading your article, It was very thorough and informative.
Following reading it, I wondered how DRools deals with the following issues:
1. Building the knowledge - are there any UI tools (editors) that assist one while writing the data dictionary and rules? tools that supply out of the box features like error checking, intellisense, loops detection, Schema import and export?
2. Is DRools a real open source? If for example I would like to add a new feature - a drill down of how a specific conclusion was reached (rules combined with data) can I change the source?



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  1. Some questions regarding DRools
    2005-08-27 12:15:29  paul_browne [View]

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