Setting Up Vonage with Your PC
Subject:   Skype - a better alternative to Vonnage
Date:   2005-08-27 04:49:44
From:   noBananas
Vonage... charges a flat rate of $24.99 per month for unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada

Using the *free* software I can talk, computer to computer, to anyone else who also has skype. I can reach any Skype user on the globe and talk for free. I use it to talk to my daughter, who is in graduate school in Ireland.

For about 2 cents/minute I can use Skype to call from computer to a phone (cell or land-line) for pretty much anywhere on the globe. All my long distance calls to TELCO numbers are now made with Skype.

My Skype investment? About 30 USD for a usb headset.

Why would I pay Vonnage charges for their limited scope of US and Canada when I can use Skype? Do the math!

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