Weblog:   What Happened to my Safari?
Subject:   Releases have become unpredictable
Date:   2005-08-28 13:45:02
From:   sundoggy
Safari used to be my browser of choice. Then with 10.3.9 and whatever that Safari release was that uses the same base as 2.0, things started getting shakey and I had to start clearing out caches all the time. Then 10.4 came out with Safari 2.0 and things seemed better. But then from 10.4.1 - 10.4.3 things became unpredictable, with spinning beach balls, very slow response from UI requests. It got to the point where it sucked. Firefox was my second favorite, so I went in and found a skin that looked like Mac and not a circus, improted my Safari bookmarks and threw the Safari icon off the dock until they get it fixed. I might try the script in the homebrew article to see if that helps, but your def right. What was once the snappiest best Mac browser is an unpredictable slug now.

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