Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 3
Subject:   Missing LoadModule/AddModule Lines
Date:   2002-04-09 15:52:10
From:   d_simmons
Apple just issued a security upgrade which includes PHP v4.1.2. As with other posters, I didn't have the Load/Add Module lines in my httpd.conf file. After pasting them at the end of the other lines, I restarted Apache, and PHP started with it. whee.

This article has been extremely useful. I'm a University student doing a senior project which requires Apache/PHP/MySQL and is to be served from a RedHat machine to Windows clients. I'll be doing most of the development and testing on my Grape iMac running OS X, and I'm going to use it as an internet server so my project teammates can ftp to it and test from their homes.

The author might want to update part 3 of this article, to let folks know that some installs are missing those two lines, and that they need to insert them themselves. It might save someone from having to forage through these posts.

Thanks again for the much needed info.

Now, off to a team meeting, to get another dig in on my WinTel compadres. Bweh heh heh.

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