Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 2
Subject:   Can't Send mail using sendmail
Date:   2002-04-09 19:25:35
From:   maclaxguy
I've set up sendmail thru a few tutorials i have found, but when sendmail starts up, it gives this error:
Apr 9 22:06:02 localhost sendmail[341]: My unqualified host name (localhost) unknown; sleeping for retry
Apr 9 22:07:02 localhost sendmail[341]: unable to qualify my own domain name (localhost) -- using short name
Apr 9 22:07:02 localhost sendmail[341]: gethostbyaddr( failed: 1

I have tried entering my dns in the /etc/hostconfig but this obviously didn't work. If anyone can help, that would be great. I've worked on this for _many_ hours, but just can't get it.