The AltiVec Difference
Subject:   simd
Date:   2002-04-10 08:03:17
From:   psheldon
I am happy that you illustrated how many algorithms could be parallelized by the G4 instruction set. I had thought that Apple was only selling the cocoa frameworks and would never discuss parallel algorithms constructed in near pseudocode, but Apple is also in the business of selling hardware and it's instruction sets. I have hope that I shall learn how to organize myself into making my own frameworks of objects cotaining algorithms to save my "knowledge work" in science, not merely interface, be interface ever so important for science.

The fact that there is such a modifier (single instruction multiple data) means that there are other modifiers, for example multiple instruction multiple data. Perhaps here I am sensing familiarity in language of someone who consumes and specifies processors just like General Dynamics did.

I might even hope for an article pointing to the extended bacher nauer formalism for cocoa as a translation exercise for some algorithms packaged somewhere else such as cactus? A translation exercise without a nervous standards committee at my home alone might be a blast.

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  1. found your NASA trade study asking Jeeves on cactus then fortran90
    2002-04-13 14:02:55  psheldon [View]

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