Switcher Stories Follow Up
Subject:   Using peripherals that are 6-8 years old!
Date:   2005-08-30 05:15:27
From:   kidkyote
WOW! OSX is great!
After switching I was curious whether my old drum scanner and old printer and input devices (tablets etc...) would still work. They all had serial connectors that did not match the MAC.

I bought USB connectors for each and plugged them in. With a two pieces of software (shareware) VuScan and USB software

I was able to get them working in less then 10 minutes!!! TEN MINUTES!!!!!

Even though my scanner was not officially supported by VuScan, another manufacturer's driver works like a charm-- in fact the scanner has never performed better. I am absolutely blown away.

Is this what you guys are taking about when you say "it just works?" WOW! My only question is "why did it take so long for someone to develop an almost perfect OS?"

Oh ya, and did I mention that I have not had to reboot for over a month now?