Porting a Project from Visual Studio .NET to Mono
Subject:   Managers will disagree...
Date:   2005-08-30 14:11:01
From:   migueldeicaza
Response to: Managers will disagree...

Well, a manager would probably pick the officially supported version of Mono, and that version happens to be 1.1.8.

Thats the official position of the Mono team at Novell.

If the manager cared about this, he would know a few things: that Mono 1.1.x has four times as much tests built into it, and that Mono 1.1.x has gone through Novell's hardening process which includes various flavors of testing for use in its own client and server products and have passed rigurous tests on the Novell Superlab having hundreds of mono client applications hitting Mono servers and ironing out all the bugs.

Mono 1.0.x was retired due to this kind of testing and that is why every user is encouraged to use the 1.1.x series.

The 1.1.x code base is hardened now in branches, and when the code is hardened and tested it is landed.