Weblog:   A Small Suggestion for the mini
Subject:   Still liking my Mac mini a lot
Date:   2005-09-01 12:26:52
From:   toddogas
I've had my Mac mini for nearly 6 months now and still like it a lot and recommend it to Windows/Linux users who want to try Mac OS/X.

Mac Mini Eye for the Linux-Windows Guy

The 17" LCD I bought has both VGA and DVI inputs. So, it works great with the mini (no adapter needed).

My recommendation for a bundle is that Apple resell those speakers I bought in Japan with the mini. See figure 10 in my article at:

Japan Primer for the Mac Techno-Tourist

The recent spec upgrade (while keeping the price the same) really helps make a case for the mini to "switchers" or "try-ers" (IMHO :-).