.NET Localization, Part 2: Creating Satellite Assemblies
Subject:   namespace does matter
Date:   2005-09-01 13:47:48
From:   MendoShano
There is something I'd like to add. I was struggling with my project 'cause some of the forms can be localized but some can't. Initially I suspected that it's because they are in different directories, but in the end I found out that's because of name spaces: In the al.exe's response file, every single embedded resources file must be specified with the coresponding namespace as the .cs file in the main assembly.

For example:

Notice that the first file has name space "ViewMan"; The 3rd has "UtilDialogs"; The second is tricky: it's the Strings.resx. However, since it's in the /resources subdirectory, I had to specify root namespace(rxAdmin) plus (Resources).