JBoss: Sun Needs Us
Subject:   Edited after the fact
Date:   2002-04-14 18:59:09
From:   tom_1
Response to: Edited after the fact

> How about providing one single shred of evidence that it is the case that
> JBoss has been rejected by Sun for J2EE certification.

I told you before, I will tell you again: go find out why Lutris was unable to get a J2EE certification for their Open Source app server. They really really wanted to get certified. They couldn't. Guess why? The same reason applies to JBoss.

> Please, request one single document from the JBoss group that says
> EXPLICITLY that they were rejected because they are open source.

I went to the JBossOne conference and listened to Mr. Larry Rosen, the lawyer for Open Source Initiative explain this issue. Apparently you weren't there (which explains why you keep making up the fantasy claims). As was told by Mr. Rosen, The JBoss Group has contacted Sun several times and asked what they need to do to get certified. Sun has so far decided to ignore them, and not provide any answer whatsoever.

Now you may be able to twist this in your tiny little brain into a conspiracy run by Mr. Fleury and Rosen to fool the Open Source community and the audience present at JBossOne. Maybe Marc Fleury just paid Larry Rosen big bucks to lie in front of everyone... however, I don't believe he did. Looking at Mr. Rosen's track record and the work he has done for the Open Source community, I doubt he has any reason or motivation to do so.

And no, I did not videotape his speech for your sorry ass.

> It's my opinion that Marc _is_ being dishonest and playing on
> altruistic sympathies of developers blah blah blah

Well, it looks like the core developers are rather happy with the way he is running things. And I believe it is because the license is LGPL. No matter how dishonest Mr. Fleury decides to be, the code belongs to the developers and to the community.

By the way, Matt, did you go and read the LGPL license yet? Can you grok it? Or is it just too much for you?

> I've been following JBoss for a while now, but it sounds like you haven't.

yah right

you're a fucking moron

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