JBoss: Sun Needs Us
Subject:   OK Tom
Date:   2002-04-15 13:15:28
From:   mdubord
Response to: Edited after the fact

Since you're not playing nice anymore, but have resorted to hyperbole, foul language and general obtuseness, I'm going to end the conversation (at least my part in it). You can keep chattering into the void if you like.

You're entirely wrong about Lutris. Read Fleury's posts about it on And also, Lutris proves the point that you can recall a product from LGPL. So, Lutris is a bad example for you because they prove both my points.

I didn't get a chance to go to the JBossOne conference. I am however exceedingly happy that you are convinced of Marc Fleury's and his lawyer's integrity. This is a relief to my mind as I'm sure it is to developers the world over. I know that many people in the OpenSource community will breathlessly await your next response, and they are monitoring this thread for your insider info.

As for me, Adieu, irrelevant little man. I'm sure you will die a happy death if you can get off one more profanity laced tirade, so here's your opportunity. I'm stepping off the stage for you, take it away Tom....

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