JBoss: Sun Needs Us
Subject:   OK Tom
Date:   2002-04-15 23:43:12
From:   tom_1
Response to: OK Tom

> You're entirely wrong about Lutris.


Am I, now?

Why don't you go and ask the Lutris folk about that?
> Read Fleury's posts about it on

I don't need to read Marc Fleury's posts about Lutris. I can go to Lutris Enhydra website and read about it from the people behind the Enterprise Enhydra product.

> Lutris proves the point that you can recall a product from LGPL.

Lutris code never was LGPL, you dumbass.

In fact, they never released the source. Because you *cannot* release source if you want a certification from Sun. Get it yet, Matt? They wanted to release Open Source, but couldn't, because Sun refuses to certify Open Source J2EE app servers.

> Lutris is a bad example for you because they prove both my points.

uh huh, you got me beat, brainiac

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