Weblog:   A Small Suggestion for the mini
Subject:   RE: umm
Date:   2005-09-06 17:50:18
From:   K_Uchida
Response to: RE: umm

Then, you're talking about an iMac? A little more expensive than the eMac (though not much if you haunt the deals section at the Apple site), but includes flat panel montior, keyboard, a much better CPU with a small "footprint." Why would they need to dupe that with a mini package?

I think the reason the mini exists is missed entirely by this article. There are a lot- and I mean a LOT-- of windows people who have a decent (or better than decent...) keyboard and monitor already and want to own a Mac, but don't want or need to shell out for a full system. The mini is a cheap way to have a decent Mac toy without the price and commitment of buying a complete second system. It's a Windows accessory.