What Is Automator (and Can It Make Your Life Easier)
Subject:   iphoto madness
Date:   2005-09-07 12:03:31
From:   ptwobrussell
Response to: oops


Typically, I'll import my images into iPhoto so that they're available in iWork, etc. but otherwise I'll usually use another means of editing/opening them. (I'll usually track things down in Spotlight and drag the images down to another app for opening -- effectively bypassing the arguably idiosyncratic behavior of iPhoto you described.)

With all that said, it's unfortunate that iPhoto behaves that way, and I really think it's more a reflection of an iPhoto issue than Automator...although Automator did make it easy to do this.

But for the renaming thing -- it sounds like the simplest solution is to either leave the rename step out completely, or introduce a "copy" step that would copy the images you're looking to tag/rename to another location besides iPhoto (like if you were getting ready to burn a disc or something along those lines that could benefit from sensible image names). Obviously neither of these thoughts help if you want to rename images that are already in iPhoto and you use iPhoto for all of your image needs, however.

Perhaps you could do a workflow to rename things sensibly as you pull them off of your camera and then pass them to iPhoto for import.

Guess it's a good thing that the "Can It Make Your Life Easier" part is an open question ;)