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  Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Subject:   links for 2005-09-08
Date:   2005-09-08 10:18:14
From:   Trackback from http://www.subzeroblue.com/archives/2005/09/links_for_20050908.html
Latte Art A really cool flickr photoset of artistic lattes. (tags: latte art photography photo cool) Top Ten Digital Photography Tips Ten tips on how to shoot better photos using a digital camera. (tags: digital camera photography tips) Imagination Prompt Generator Writing Inspiration at the Press of a Button. (tags: writing imagination prompt generator) Hilarious Domain Name Mispronouncings This is really cool. Never thought of it this way before. (tags: domain name mispronounciation funny humor) OpenWengo Open source VoIP software with video too. (tags: opensource openwengo voip software video chat) AtomChip The world's first wireless super notebook computer. (tags:...