Top Ten Mac OS X Tips for Unix Geeks
Subject:   Oracle on OSX
Date:   2005-09-09 11:07:14
From:   johndouglas
Response to: Oracle

Oracle database component all certified and out of the box.

No Oracle App 11 yet.
Rac is still not stable at high volumes, but thats $20K min set up so not for certsd prctive.

Oracle installs with standard OUI and all the web management .
big hook mac OSX 10.3.6 with a kernal patch ( from oracle OTN)
is only certified os version. there are some special long interger calls and other memory/file flushing mods. Also build has a max instance of 1.05Gig. ( Orcel needs to recompile lower level code for release planned for 10G R2 this fall.

Once DB is built at 10.3.8+ level . I've run 10g DB on OSX 10.37/8/9 and 10.4.1/2.

Very sable, unless I'm running > 500 threads with large process creation numbers > 140K Transacton/hour. ( G5 Xserve dual 2gHzm 4GIG RAM)