Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Login to MySQL
Date:   2005-09-09 15:37:50
From:   curth
Response to: Login to MySQL

In the general tab you just make up a name for the database connection. This mostly matters for people who connect to multiple databases. Make something up.

In the connection tab use Server=localhost, port=3306, connection-type=direct. The fields should have defaulted to this (except, perhaps, the server field).

In the login tab, use user=root and leave the password empty, unless you assigned a root password when you installed MySQL. Previously, you had to leave the password blank, but Rails now supports the new MySQL authentication scheme so you *can* use a pssword now. If you check the "Save Password" box it won't ask you for the password everytime. Just leave the database field empty.

That should do it.