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Subject:   a circle with a line through it
Date:   2005-09-11 23:24:35
From:   dannylross820
Response to: a circle with a line through it

Hi: I'm having the same problem- except -I'm installing Tiger on my Mac G4 Powerbook. Even though I did a low level reformat of the internal hard drive in my Powerbook before installation, I consistently get the same circle with a line through it after the system on the Mac OS X Tiger DVD begins to boot up.

In my case it's not just the system disk that gives this bad result. In addition, any CD with a sysem on it will not boot including the latest version of Norton Utilities for Macintosh.

Although this is a PC discussion, I thought that the similarities between my problem and johnabrahams where notable and their solution my cast light on both problems.

Any assistance you can give will be appreciated.

Dan Ross

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