Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Rolling on RR
Date:   2005-09-12 15:31:35
From:   mushou
Thanks a lot Curt for concocting a strange railroad brew!

Ingredients: Windows CMD (on charcoal grill),MySql Server (in gas oven please!), Mysql (electric herd),Mysql Front(in refrigrator please) Webrick(microwave), Ruby (plasma oven) & of course RAILS ( solar oven please!).

Note: Keep concentrated when you are multibaking!

What an appetizer for Ruby & Rails!

A newbie but I did not give up, but I must admit,had I that bit of info from the other rails newbie gregg_tavares(Please Please Fix) and the one from sixside (Can't find Recipe without an ID) I would certainly have saved myself a lot of time breaking my head deciphering those impressive & detailed__for rails newbie nevertheless hard to tackle, error messages in my browsers.<br/>

Thanks too for your active support on these pages!And to the editor for his/her comments.

Last but not least despite all the hurdles_ like spending almost a whole night at Mysql Access-Denial Faq's Website _ it was fun cooking my first dishes_ that seem to fullfill some old wishes (for an fun-programming language and not a lingo or jargon or should we say "techjar"__ Ruby, for me comes very close to a language!).

I was also wondering if you or somebody else has thought about the security issues and browser compatibilities in rails. Since one can apparently maintain a somewhat streamlined simple html code here, would rails be a good choice that way for webpage development? Apart from the fact of having to log at this stage without password(due msql using a new authentification code) does rails offer any leading edge alternatives in this field?

Anyhow rails shines truly as a new stage in web development where even hobbyist like me are less intimidated by ,;.>>*?++x"/#'....and other runes & hieroglyphs!

Happy Brewing!