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  Building J2EE Projects with Maven
Subject:   Trouble with the instructions.....
Date:   2005-09-14 09:05:55
From:   andrew.bruce.law
Hi again,

I've hit another problem (and solved it) with the instructions.

Problem: I tried to build the address module (by running '# maven' in the /j2ee-maven/maven-petstore-1.4/modules/address directory) but I hit a problem due to a lack of the xmldocuments-1.4.jar dependency. This does not exist in the ibiblio repository.

Solution: However, I cd'd to ./../xmldocuments directory, ran '# maven' there and this compiled and deployed the required jar to my local repository. Then I went back to the addresses module and the example ran as required.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Andrew

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    2005-09-14 09:25:02  andrew.bruce.law [View]

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