The IDEs of Mac
Subject:   How about Together?
Date:   2002-04-20 22:45:49
From:   randynepsund
Interesting article, good comments. I'm disappointed though that you didn't even mention Together and Peter Coad's crew. If JBuilder is worth highlighting, especially for being one of the few enterprise wide IDEs, Together would seem worthy of mention. I'm been much more impressed for a long time by the modeling, patterns, code integration that any of the IDEs you mention. I believe that in not too many years down the road, the Together type integrated environment will be the essential tool of IT pros, not only to manage and do code, but to rise above code centric development which bogs down most of IT development and maintainence. Pure Java, they can run on Mac again, they should be encouraged with a plug in one of your articles. (I hope you are already planning one for Together and the more model/process driven needs of development).