Working With Bitmap Images; Document-Based Application Redux
Subject:   Build Warnings
Date:   2002-04-21 00:09:41
From:   johnts
First, I had a tough time just to get it to display an image. I ran it before adding the scroll stuff and it would not display any images. I added the scroll bits and then it would display the images. Don't know why.

Second, there are a couple of warnings when it is built:

IAWindowController.m: In function `-[IAWindowController windowDidLoad]':
IAWindowController.m:16: warning: cannot find method.
IAWindowController.m:16: warning: return type for `activeImage' defaults to id

I (just) fixed it by adding #import "MyDocument.h" to IAWindowController.m

There was also another warning:
IAWindowController.m:19: warning: `IAWindowController' does not respond to `scaleImageTo:'
That I fixed by adding the scaleImageTo to the IAWindowController.h file.

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    2002-04-21 09:12:12  jreno [View]

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