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  Deploying Web Applications to Tomcat
Subject:   please help HTTP Status 404 - /onjava/servlet/login
Date:   2005-09-16 05:43:36
From:   klammer
i did everything as written in the tutorial

additional i went through the numerous comments

and corrected also the following parts:

1) WEB_INF instead of WEB-INF
2) uncomment the invoker in conf/web.xml
3) specify the form action as "/onjava/servlet/...."
4) changed the web.xml to


BUT still i do get the following error after trying login on http://localhost:8080/onjava/login.jsp

i use tomcat 4.1.30

please please please help me.... i'm trying over hours...


HTTP Status 404 - /onjava/servlet/login


type Status report

message /onjava/servlet/login

description The requested resource (/onjava/servlet/login) is not available.


Apache Tomcat/4.1.30

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1 to 2 of 2