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Subject:   libnsl on FreeBSD
Date:   2005-09-16 14:57:44
It's interesting to note, that unless You tried to install Linux emulation package, You won't have libnsl on Your system - it's integrated into libc and calling it out via -lnsl only breaks functionality (at least it's that way on 5.x).

So, You need to remove all references to -lnsl in Makefile.PL, and then it'll work out of the ports (make fetch, make extract, cd to work/etc, edit Makefile.PL removing references to -lnsl, save, go to main directory of the port and finish building with make all install).

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  1. libnsl on FreeBSD
    2005-09-17 18:10:52  jasontaylor1 [View]

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