Weblog:   Coding a Smarter RSS Podcast Button
Subject:   Hostile to Safari users
Date:   2005-09-17 10:37:36
From:   DavidBattino
Response to: Hostile to Safari users

Did you try it? The link contains both JavaScript and a normal HTML link. When I control-click on it in Safari, I do see the “Add Link to Bookmarks” item in the pop-up menu. My point is that neither the labeling of an RSS/XML button or what happens when you treat it like a normal button—left-click it—makes sense.

Admittedly, adding a layer of explanation is a hack. It’s equivalent to adding the buzz back to electric carving knives so people wouldn’t accidentally slice off their thumbs while testing to see if the knife is turned on. (A supposedly true story I read in a usability book.) But the explanation should help people who are less-savvy with Web jargon. —David Battino