Weblog:   Knoppix 4.0 DVD - Like a Kid in a Candy Store
Subject:   Knoppix on monochrome VGA
Date:   2005-09-17 16:46:35
From:   lents
One reason I still use my LNX-BBC ( CDs is because I've not yet found a way to boot knoppix on a monochrome VGA system. The cheat-code "knoppix 2" doesn't work for me. I have a nice little 8" monochrome monitor on my workbench that I use when I build servers or do repairs (I don't have enough space for a full-size/color monitor). It looks like the splash screen is screwing up the video, as I get a 4-across shadowed screen after the first knoppix prompt. I also checked Knoppix Hacks and didn't see anything about this - any ideas?