Dynamically Creating PDFs in a Web Application
Subject:   Using iText
Date:   2005-09-20 02:11:25
From:   Menon

In one of our on-going projects, we are trying to use iText for generating dynamic PDF documents.

1. The requirement is to generate a shipping invoice which has two pages.

2. The data is coming from two tables called Invoice and Invoice_Item.

3.Each invoice contains multiple items, description of which runs into multiple lines.

4. What we have done is create the invoice template first as a PDF document and then add text boxes in the appropriate places and then fetch the values from the tables and fill up the text boxes.

5. However, we ran into trouble when we tried to populate the items in the invoice. As mentioned earlier, each invoice has multiple items in them. So we cannot fix the number of text boxes to be added to the invoice. If we use just one text box and teh try to loop thru the items in an invoice, the descriptions are all overwirtten by the last item fetched.

The question is how to solve this issue ? What we need to do is get the items one below the other in the invoice. Each item has an item code, description, unit, unit rate, quantity and value.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks and regards

Rajendran Menon

Project Manager

Kott Software.

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