Monitoring Network Traffic with Netflow
Subject:   libnsl on FreeBSD
Date:   2005-09-20 05:25:32
From:   agshekeloh
Response to: libnsl on FreeBSD

I can be very wrong. Extremely wrong. Utterly, thoroughly, completely wrong. It seems that the more certain I am that I'm right, the more likely that I am wrong.

I can say that before I submitted this article, I sent it to two different people on two different networks to review and follow. It worked for them.

Netflow setup is a complete nightmare. Perhaps it worked more smoothly back when these tools were new, I don't know. Getting working is the worst part by far. Flowdumper is just the simplest front end and test for

I know of people working on new flow capturing tools, but they're not ready yet. :-(