Working With Bitmap Images; Document-Based Application Redux
Subject:   @class IAImageView supplemented by *,h
Date:   2002-04-24 07:50:31
From:   psheldon
I had been happy to see how to make drawRect work by realizing that the call to superclass wasn't "understood" when an override stub was in place. I believe it is ambiguous to generally comment what order to put the superclass call or apple would have put this call in the stub.

This morning, I downloaded the working code of ImageAppTest. I was curious I hadn't gotten "@class IAImageView" to work and why. Now I saw that that was a trick only for headers.

I think one would say that, in a complex project, while one has a lot of headers and IBOutlets but hasn't actually implemented calls that need definition the "@class IAImageView" construct in those headers cuts down on distracting compiler complaints, but as soon as one implements methods of the object in the .m files, they need definition.

As I recall, "import" as opposed to "include" "recursively but nonrepeatedly includes" header import. It would be nice if I could attempt to write something in summary commenting these three language choices of the objjective-c developer :

1. #include

2. #import "*.h"

3. #import @class * //without .h

Draft comment summary :

3 while my .m stubs don't mention methods of IBOutlets speeds up compilation, 2 places used IBOutlets method definitions at the disposal of .m implementations only after you need them, and 1, I suppose, as if text were there.

If I am wrong or anyone wants to rewrite this summary, I believe it might be a good exercise. I hope this effort helps us code.

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