What Is a Portlet
Subject:   Trying to go through example
Date:   2005-09-21 05:50:50
From:   aguevara
I am trying to follow the example in the article and am all the way to step 5. I am now trying to get assemble the .WAR file, but am having some issues in doing so; I would like to see if any of you can please forward to me a .WAR file you used for this example. I tried building the .WAR file from the sample code to no avail.

I am also having some issues when I do "maven distribute:all" since it fails while downloading the .jar files, I will try it once again from my home tonight since there might be some issues with our firewall at my work location in not allowing it to come through.

I would like to suggest you package everything needed to run the examples you cite in the article, I have spent quite a bit of time making sure everything is installed, ready. A check list would also be nice.

Finally, I have been working on portals for quite a while. I have used IBM's, Weblogic, and Epicentric/Vignette. The latter is my favorite, but am interested in getting Pluto up and running, I am a proponent of open source and hope Pluto makes it.

If you have any information pertaining to the above points, specifically the .WAR file, please send me an email at

Thanks !