Job Scheduling in Java
Subject:   Enterprise Java Scheduling
Date:   2005-09-22 09:03:18
From:   PatrickDuijndam
Hello All,

I accidently noticed your discussion on Java scheduling and wanted to point you out to enterprise scheduling solution called Cronacle Beans.

It is the most advanced enterprise scheduling solution for Java/ J2EE and it may be a usefull tool tou you guys to manage your Java (asynchronous) processes.

Some highlights on our capabilities:
Already in January 2003 Gartner has complimented Redwood for being the first to offer a true Java scheduling solution. We are the leader in this, we have the most fully developed solution and we have many customers to show for it.

The best proof of our leading position is the fact that, one of the main reasons for SAP to select Redwood as their standard scheduling solution for SAP NetWeaver is because of our Java scheduling capabilities. This capability is important for the success of SAP NetWeaver as SAPís application integration platform.

Our solution CronacleBeans supports a wide range of J2EE standards including:
- JMX for monitoring jobs,
- JDBC for database work,
- JMS for sending and receiving messages (including JMS messages triggering events in Cronacle),
- JavaMail for sending and receiving mail (including incoming mail triggering an event),
- JTA for XA compliant transactions in enterprise systems, servlets and JSP's in the web container for our GUI.
- We can schedule session and message driven EJB's.
- We also support a wide range of job types. Jobs are JavaBeans (one of the oldest J2EE standards) out of the box.

- With our 'Job Adapter' technology we can turn legacy code written to older standards or specially by the customer (e.g. JMX or message driven beans) into jobs with a minimal amount of code.

We do not force our customers to only build for example JMX MBeans into your applications in order to have it scheduled. We offer you the flexibility how to do it.

We offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of the API or ability to deeply embed inside a custom application. We have a wide range of deployment options: scheduler in the customer's application, scheduler driving multiple applications within the same application server, scheduler driving multiple application servers. We can run with and without a J2EE application server present. We also provide tools for developers to write jobs.

Rich features: event driven scheduling, security, audit trailing, chaining, also adding chains in chains, high availability, flexible, easily make ad hoc changes, integration with any monitoring framework.

Please let me know if you have any questions?

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