What Is Hibernate
Subject:   Hibernate miss a crucial feature
Date:   2005-09-22 09:45:58
From:   privatelab
the project I manage, uses hibernate intensively since 3 years.
while we are happy with the mapping and hql stuff, i must say we are stuck in the middle of nowhere with the 2nd level cache...which is a crucial feature.
We've something like 12 app servers in cluster, and nothing does really work.
Oscache, bahhh, Gavin says it is not recommended, and you might find some hackers to make it work, but under load, it fails too often.
jbosscache : you have to use hibernate 3.x (not our case) and it does not support invalidation (what we need) there are tons of unanswered
question in the forum that tend to indicate people hava a hard time with it
finally, 2LC is hardly explain in hib doc, and no more in jboss cache.
Well, i'm a bit tired to read so many cool articles about hibernate (even if i find it usefull), because nobody just want to say that Gavin and its folks did not finish the job.
My point is to say, that they cannot pretend to address serious envt without any reliable clusterable 2LC tool, and associated doc.